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We had the most fabulous 4th of July with the kids this year

July 07, 2011   |   by Rachel

Because we live in the north west corner of our time zone it doesn't get dark enough for fireworks until 10:30.  So we have yet to bring our kids to see the show.  THis year we thought about it but then all 3 kids are sick so we stayed home instead.  We did celebrate though. Dinner was Salmon and corn on the cob.  Yumm summer!COrn not he cob is one of my favorites :-)  We even had it at our backyard BBQ wedding reception. Then we moved to smores with…ahem...homemade marshmallows. (Yes I'm proud of that one)  They are remarkably easy.And we need the evening with fireworks.  Yes, it was about 5:30 and very light out.  But it was still fun.Smoke bombs.Snap-pops.And Dale was the keeper of the sparklers.She LOVED the sparklers and kept trying to grab them!  

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hattie looks like holly hobbie!!


Looks like great fun. Love Dale's eyes with the sparklers.

Bruce Henderson2011-07-24

It's so neat to see you guys following many of the same traditional summer activities that we used to do! Wish we were closer so we could participate. GG