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We Have a Pet*!!!

October 07, 2012   |   by Rachel

*sort of. Last a month a stray cat started hanging around our house.  He looked really skinny and hungry, so we started feeding him.  Jared and I both have some nasty cat allergies.  So getting a cat has never even been considered.  But this cat is different.  An outside cat might be really cool.  He's amazingly tolerant of everything that the kids throw his way.  Dale often tries to sit on him while he's eating.  He usually just squirms away.  The only thing that makes him run away is the camera.  As soon as he hears the clicking sound of my shutter he tenses up and runs away. Dale is the self appointed cat feeder.  She's often on the lookout for his visits.  Though all of the kids line up to get scoops for him.  We're thinking of building him a shelter in the garage for the winter.  Maybe he can catch mice from the compost too. The kids named him.  They thought hat he looks like Tigers Eye Rock.  But since he has fur just Tigers Eye wasn't quite right.  So Furry Tigers Eye became the agreed upon name for our little visitor. Yes they put a headband on the cat and he didn't seem to mind too much.  I think it's official that he's our pet.  When kid's dress an animal it somehow makes the relationship official.

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Bonnie Kindschi Dean2012-10-10

That "compound/family conglomerate" needed a pet! Great fun!

Eunie Hillen Burnham2012-10-10

Aww, SWEET! He's beautiful too! I have 2 of them! :) Enjoy, kids!