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We officially live in the future

April 09, 2008   |   by Rachel

Today Win, Harriet and I were at the store when I had my first sighting of a SmartCar.  Um...wow!  They are small.  They look a little like a P.T. Cruiser that's been chopped in two.  Here's a picture of the one that we saw.  Win and I went over to it to get a closer look.  In it we saw the perfect accessory--a 7 pound Yorkie standing guard.



](/00595-we-officially-live-in-the-future-00.png "picture-11.png")

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we just parked by one of those at the Y this morning. ours was red :)


I really want one of those - or a mini, so very cute.

Grandma Dean2008-04-10

We drove alongside one of these on the San Francisco freeway last week. Cute! but I'd hate to be in a wreck in one of those. They'd be great just tootling around the neighborhood like they use golf carts down here in Arizona.