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August 05, 2009   |   by Rachel

Last weekend was pretty full.  Here's the line-up. Wedding shower Thursday night that ended in a spontaneous dance party. Friday morning breakfast with friends. Friday night birthday party at Crazy Bounce Saturday morning 30th Birthday canoe trip for myself! Saturday night birthday dinner out with Jared Sunday visit from my mom Sunday night small group Monday morning I woke up with a sore throat and skipped going to to the gym. I only have pictures form a couple of these events. The girls of the wedding shower! 090730-Weekending-001Spontaneous dance party.090730-Weekending-003 It was hot.  We got out a fan.  Marilyn Monroe impressions ensued. 090730-Weekending-002 We had a perfect day for canoeing. 090801-Weekending-004090805-Weekending-005This is the event that preceded another much wetter event.090801-Weekending-006 But we were able to dry ourselves by the fire.090801-Weekending-008 090805-Weekending-009 090805-Weekending-007090805-Weekending-010 It was a fun weekend!

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What fun!

benjamin tennant2009-08-08

Oh I wish i was there! Well, for the canoeing anyway. Great pics!

Steve Post2009-08-11

Oh, awesome - you posted the version of the group shot with my goofy face! :P Thanks again for the great canoeing trip and cookout!! We had a great time!


Wow, sounds like a fun weekend ;)