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Welcome Huck to Home

November 25, 2013   |   by Rachel

We left the hospital on Sunday.  Huck is all dressed up for the snow.  It was 55 degrees when we arrived at the hospital and a blizzard when we left.  Good thing we brought his snow suit.  This is also what Win wore home from the hospital.These amazing signs greeted us when we arrived home, made by Harriet and Dale. And Win wrote this amazing letter. Dear huckleberry. Welcome to you'r home. I love you. you our cute.  you will soon find we have some of your possessions such as you'r hat and your Bottle wich googy (Dale's nickname) will Be using.   Thought bubble--"hello to the world' Kids doting over their little brother.  He is very well loved.Dale suggested reading him a book-a self serving suggestion :-)Swaddling, Henderson style.  As soon as Jared finished he calmed right down.My THREE boys watching football on a sunday afternoon :-)

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Judi Bowman Delis2013-11-25

Welcome home Huck! You don't know it yet but you have a wonderful family, you will get lots of love & TLC. Happy first Thanksgiving!!