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Welcome Stella

June 09, 2007   |   by Rachel

Win has another new cousin, Stella James Henderson. She was born on Thursday, June 7 to Jared's oldest brother, Jamie, and his wife, Sarah. The birth went well and mom and baby are healthy. Her older sister, Jordan, seems to loves her new sister. She lives in Charlotte NC so Jared, Win and I don't get to meet her until August when we all get together for Henderson Family Vacation in Detroit.A month and half ago both of Win's Aunt Sara/hs were expecting. Now he has 2 new little girl cousins. Stella is Win's 10th cousin and all of them are under 5-years-old. Right now I am the only sibling on both sides who is expecting. That is a first! Click here to see her.

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sheetal patel2007-06-09

congrats to all in the henderson family! she's a cutie!