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Welcome to My Party

March 11, 2007   |   by Jared

Win greeted most of his guests last weekend at his party by standing by this window, smiling, and waving. Here's a cute picture my dad got of Win waving at Matt and Johanna.

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grma dean2007-03-13

The memory of Win greeting us when we arrived(his little face in the window with the curtain pulled back), is a 'memory picture' in my mind I hope to not forget.


hi rachel and jared!

i happened upon your blog, and kiran and i had a great time this weekend taking a little trip through win's first year of life--he is absolutely adorable!

jared, seeing the video of win laughing at your burps prompted kiran on a trip down memory lane thinking about how you always had such a talent for burping!

rachel, your photography is fantastic! what kind of camera do you use? i've been thinking about getting a digital slr, but am having a hard time deciding. i love how dynamic your pictures are, and how they tell a whole story on their own (it reminds me of this photographer...http://www.lisarussophotography.com/).

anyways, just wanted to say hello, and hope you don't mind the extra blog visitors!

sheetal (and kiran) :)

Rachel Henderson2007-03-13


Thanks for commenting!  We love visitors.

I checked out Lisa Russ.  Thanks for saying that my photography reminds you of her, that is a real compliment.  She is very good.

As for cameras, I use a Minolta D5.  Sony bought Minolta and my camera is now called the Alpha.  If you think that you would like to have the potential to advance in photography I would buy either a Canon or a Nikon.  They make all of the professional cameras.

Canon makes a camera called the G7.  If you are interested in taking better pictures but don't necessarily want to study photography, change lenses, etc... I would suggest the Canon G7.  It is a great compromise that includes many of the benefits of a dSLR without all of the weight.  I hope that this helps.  If you have any specific questions feel free to email me.  My email address is in my blogger profile.

Good to hear from you,



thanks for the tips rachel!

i think i do want to take the time to learn more about photography, so i'm really thinking about a dslr. my current point & shoot has some manual control, but i'm starting to feel limited in some settings by the pictures i can take with it. i think i've narrowed down the models by doing online research, but i need to take a trip to a camera store and hold some in my hands to see what feels right.

thanks again!