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We're back

August 14, 2008   |   by Rachel

Sorry for the long delay. It's certainly been a little crazy around here. Thank you all for your patience :-)

12 years ago, on April 1st, my mother came into my room to wake me up before school because she had something to tell me. She said, "Guess what! Cousin Beth is pregnant and it's twins!" In my best 16-year-old way I retorted, "Very funny mom. Happy April Fool's Day to you too."

Here are Catrina and Suzanne with Winfield and Harriet. They are the best second cousins! They live in Germany, so we don't get to see them as much as we would like. But when we do it is a real treat. They came together, without their parents or brothers, and spent 2 weeks touring the The States with their grandparents. It was nice to see them. We have to wait until next summer before we'll be able to visit again.

Although Win doesn't look too excited in this picture, he LOVES them.  Last summer he developed a special relationship with Suzanne.  Catrina and Win's cousin Esther had their special bond.  When they walked into our house he knew right away which was Suzanne and which was Catrina.

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they are getting so big! the twins, i mean. you've had an awful lot of family in the last two weeks, haven't ya'll...