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What photographers do for fun

November 14, 2008   |   by Rachel

Yesterday the kids and I spent the morning with Christy Pacanowski. She'd a fantastic portrait and family photographer in Zeeland. She has 3 kids that Win and Harriet love playing with. 2 weeks ago she shot some images of me with my camera. Yesterday was her turn to be in the hot seat. She put the "hot" in hot seat. She sooo rocked it! We had a great time. We were having a blast finding the best light around her house while our kids (during their nap-time by the way) crawled and played at our feet. Some things are worth skipping a nap for. For this first picture of Christy in the street I was holding Harriet and shooting one-handed. Her shots of me are a little comical. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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christy pacanowski2008-11-14

yes, that is what we do for fun! and soooo much fun it was :) thanks rachel!!

Lindsay Post2008-11-14

Wow. The last photo is especially AMAZING! I love the way the light catches their hair and the grass, and how everything looks so magical and dream-like. I imagine that's how things look in heaven. =)

Christen Bordenkircher2008-11-16

gorgeous images from both sides of the lens... if I move back to michigan and have babies - can I be a part of your cool mom and photographer club?? =)

Meghan Aileen2008-11-23

That last shot is one of the best mom and son shots I have seen. I absolutely love it.


just beautiful, i especially love the last one.

Rachel Henderson2008-11-16

Christen, Of course!!! As long as you promise to talk about geeky stuff with us.