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Where we've been and what we've been doing.

July 07, 2011   |   by Rachel

Every summer we vacation in Detroit with Jared's family.  We did some stuff.1. We played with water.

2. We ate.

3. We drank.4. We played games.5. We posed for pictures.

6. We dressed up.And it was all possible because Caroline and Breanna were the super-duper babysitters of the year!

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Bruce Henderson2011-07-08

Great selection of pictures! It was truly a glorious week. Other thanks go to Janna who created a terrific birthday party for all the cousins, Jessie who prepared a great Costa Rican supper, Jan who fed us all the first day and then gave up her house and kitchen the rest of the week, Rachel who planned the perfect schedule of events and dinners, and to all who travelled so far to be together again. I thank you all for an incredibly memorable week. I will cherish it all year through. GG