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Where we've been

February 27, 2011   |   by Rachel

The last several weeks haven't been the healthiest.  We've all been sick.  3 of us have been on antibiotics.  We've made one trip to the hospital for a breathing treatment, and several trips to the doctor.  We're freebasing those little candy flavored children's tylenol.  I can't tell you how many times I've taken someone's temperature.  And you could probably fill a bucket with the collective phlegm that's plugging up our sinuses.  TMI, I know. I'm just a little tired of canceling everything and going to bed early, only to have a broken night's sleep.  I really love being a mom.  But sickness in the house is exponentially more difficult as a parent.  My kids don't get cute and snugly when they are sick.  They get disobedient.  I'm cranky too and nobody is sleeping well, which is the very things that we need to get better.  Thankfully we are on the up and up.  And that we live in a time with antibiotics (which are really nice when you need them).  And that we don't live like the Ingalls, without health care and in fear of going blind.  And a friend of a friend's little girl was just diagnosed with Leukemia.  I keep thinking about her and how glad I am to be battling a sinus infection.  But I'd still rather be well. This is the sill above our sink.  It's usually clear. And just in case all of my whining wasn't pathetic enough.  

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So sad, glad to hear you are on the mend.


Yuck! That makes me sick! Hope you guys get better soon!! :)


AWWWWW! I feel for you! Being a mom with sick kids is very hard! and if you too are sick ---that IS the pits!! Hope today is better!


aw dale! she looks so sad and pathetic. i feel bad for you guys.....


Strangely enough, frequently when we are sick I compare our situation to the Ingalls on the prarie. It makes me feel better. I also like to think about our conveniences vs. theirs when I'm pregnant and tired.