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While we were soaking up beautiful Maine...

August 23, 2010   |   by Rachel

...Win and Harriet thought that the trip was really for them to spend a week in Fort Wayne with Grandma and Grandpa.  The kids are still telling me little stories of things that my parents did with them in Fort Wayne while we were away.  Here are some pix that my mom grabbed of the kids on their adventure to the zoo, fair, and Chucky Cheese.  They think the world of their "Gramma" and "Bah" My dad has a raccoon trap.  He likes to set it the night before we come with the kids.  Then they get to check the trap with him.  I think that Win is playing taps.



wow, looks like they did a TON of cool stuff! what a week.


Looks like a great time, a wonderland of fun!


I think the fox and Win are both smiling to themselves. I also just noticed that Win's trumpet is a "cute trumpet"--how fitting!