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Who DID that!?! WHO DID THAT!?!

January 24, 2010   |   by Rachel

The other day I heard Harriet screaming in the kitchen, "Who DID that!?!  WHO DID THAT?!?"  When I came into the kitchen to find out what was offending her I to was stunned.  This friendly pink balloon was hovering about 10 inched above our heat vent.   I don't mean a slight hover before landing.  I mean that balloon will hover there for 30 minutes as long as the fan on our furnace is on.  You can walk by it.  Knock it, anything.  It stays right there.  It's a strong little furnace weather pattern that we have right there.  I can only imagine what her 2-year-old mind was doing when she discovered it.  She's young and still figuring things out, but she'd thought that she had gravity at least somewhat under her belt.  Now that theory is shot!  Who DID that?!

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haha....that must have been so baffling for her!


what a funny encounter... this just proves my own theory: your kids are unusually brilliant. =)

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