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Who said birthday?

March 28, 2006   |   by Rachel

Win is one month old today. Time flies! It is amazing how he changes and grows in just one month. He can do so little at this age but he learns so quick. He has come to terms with things that he used to hate, like diaper changes. He nurses better. He takes a bottle without hesitation. He is just one month older and more mature. Happy Birthday Win!

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He is absolutely amazing. Can't wait to meet the little man.


Hurray about the diaper changes, bet you are glad he has learned to tolerate that better. He is too cute. grandma jan

grma dean2006-03-28

Happy One Month Win!

You're quite a unique little fellow!


the daiper change has been dramatic. now we change his daiper if we need to calm him down. he almost seems to like it. wierd.


He looks like he's worried about growing old too soon.