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Why are you reading books in that box?

December 08, 2008   |   by Rachel

It's not a box. I gave the kids a really big box to play with the other day.  Win decided that its best use would be a library.  He put a big pillow and a basket of books inside of it climbed in and insisted that I close the top.  He soon discovered that it was difficult to read in the dark with it closed and now he doesn't mind having the top open. By the end Harriet lost her cool with me as I was taking pictures of them when I was supposed to be serving lunch. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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there is not much better than a box...


Love the 4th picture down & of course the last! Beautiful eyes!


Maybe Harriet was pissed because Win was reading her favorite book in the whole wide world...


Hmm, to read or eat, that is the question..

Lindsay Post2008-12-09

That "library" looks sooo comfy!