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Winfield Vinatieri

October 17, 2007   |   by Jared

Last Saturday I took Win out to a local high school football field to mess around kicking some footballs with my friend Josh. Josh kicked for Hope College and for Purdue for a season, so he's pretty sweet. He kicked at least one 57-yard field goal before my very eyes. He also coached me to successfully kicking my first two extra point attempts.Win had a blast running around kicking footballs and falling all over the place. Here's some video footage. This is the kind of video that they will show as a cute human interest piece on Monday Night Football in 25 years when Win is in the NFL. The word Win yells a few times is "Dosh," which is his way of saying "Josh."

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sheetal patel2007-10-17

maybe i'll be able to draft win one day for my fantasy football team!


good job, win!!