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Win's First Stroll

March 11, 2006   |   by Rachel

Today Win took his first stroll in his running stroller, which we call his car. Last Saturday Jared installed the infant hammock with the intention of taking him for a short run but he was having a fussy afternoon and had to stay home. Today was sunny and warm (in that March "warm" way) so we took him to two parks near our home. He fell asleep as soon as we started walking. We think that walking and running are going to be one of his favorite activities.

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Maybe fussy days call for a stroll. Looks wonderful. I also loved the feet picture. mom


thanks again mom and dad for the stroller by the way. he's the coolest kid on the block with it. we'll try a run soon.


Running in a stroller is a secret fix for the fussies (for Mom too). The more bouncing the better (once he gets a little older!) Hey, he is used to the bouncing from Mom's running...a born runner.

Stroller looks awesome!!


Glad you have the stroller. it will keep hyou family together for a long time. He doesn't have any choice about it being one of his favorite things :)

Love, Dad