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Win's letter to his teacher

September 05, 2011   |   by Rachel

Winfield starts school tomorrow.  I don't even know where to begin with how I feel about this.  It's exciting to see my little boy growing up, but it's really sad too.  It's just way too fast for me.  For 6 years I've been caring for this little life, all day every day.  Sometimes I had a sitter or Jared had the kids, but not that often.  We opted not to do preschool for many reasons.  Dale was born in the fall and I didn't want to have to get somewhere on time during her newborn stage.  I also wanted to give Win as much time home as possible.  School and growing up come too quickly.  Since I was able to keep him home I did. So here we are on the day before kindergarden begins.  He goes to school from 8:17 to 3:04 from Monday through Friday.  That is a LOT of time—35 hours a week.  I really wish that I was half day, but it's not.  I honestly think that he's going to do really well in a school setting.  He has always liked being dropped off in nurseries, kid's area at the gym, and going to parties.  He likes groups of kids.  He is super curious and loves to read.  Today he told me, "Mom, I'm making a goal for myself.  I wanna read ALL of the books in my classroom."  We went to an open house last week and he met his teacher and saw his classroom.  There are a lot of books there. His teacher wrote a letter to all of the parents telling us a little about herself.  Winfield read it.  We decided that Win should write a letter back telling her a bit about him.  SInce his writing is a quite labor intensive he dictated.  Here's his letter.

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Wow, congratulations Win! I really can't believe he's that old. Sounds like he's very ready for school!


Why am I crying reading this letter? It's so sweet.

Janna Coates2011-09-05

I'm anxious to see how he likes it! :) I know he will do great :)


Such a great memory! :o) Win is such a great "little" boy! I can't imagine what you are feeling Rachel. Melissa...I CAN imagine what you are thinking! :o) I'm thinking the same thing.


Oh he's wonderful. Yea, Miles is going three days a week full days. It IS a lot. I'm worried, but we'll see how it goes. Hoping this year is a great one!!!