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WIn's Second Word

June 20, 2007   |   by Jared

Here's a little clip of Win saying his second real word. He understands like 100 words, but doesn't talk very much. "Bubba" means his little green water bottle that is always with him throughout the day and night. For some reason, he insists on pitching his voice about 14 octaves above middle C whenever he says it.Win's first word is "uh-oh," which can have a bewildering variety of nuanced meaning depending upon the exact context and inflection of its use. It's basic meaning is: "oops, I dropped it," or "nice, i finally succeeded in throwing that out of my crib," or "something is on the ground, dad," or something like that.We are eagerly anticipating Win's first real sentence, which will no doubt be "uh-oh bubba."

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Too cute!!!


I love it! So sweet!


Notice how the grandmas are up early checking their grandbabies blogs.


great job win :)