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Workout video

November 07, 2010   |   by Rachel

Of our 3 kids Dale is the first to have that classic floppy baby head. Win and Harriet both had amazingly strong necks from day one. Dale's been enjoying regular tummy time and her workouts seem to have paid off. Yesterday she started rolling over. She rolled 5 times yesterday. This morning I recorded her tummy time...to no avail. She almost rolled at one point but then she straightened out again. Here's a little clip of her fabulously interesting exercise routine. She'll be releasing a series of workout videos this fall that will include this video, Neck of Steel. Now you too can enjoy lifting you own head using only the strength of your neck.

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Awww! I love her sounds! I could workout with Dale. She's kinda my speed! GO DALE!


Amazing, adorable.


Amazing for a little tyke! Adorable.


I love this so much! Makes me miss wobble baby stage so much!

Neil Mackenzie2010-11-14

So Cute!