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You can't get your ears pierced until you're 60-years-old!

May 19, 2009   |   by Rachel

Or at least that's what my mom thought. My sister and I took my mom to Claire's to get her ears pierced for her 60th b-day. We had a blast. And my mom looked super cute in her new bling. The event was fully documented :-) [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]

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That's such a cool post :) I love the picture story. Your mom is a good sport :)


Happy Birthday Bonnie! Love the earrings and the top, too!


That looks like so much fun. Great pictures, happy birthday Bonnie!

Kimberly DeCamp2009-05-21

Your Mom is beautiful! Now we know where you and your sister get it. What a fun story.

michelle sidles2009-05-20

That's SOSOOSOSOSOOOOO adorable! :) I love the picture of her digging for a sucker. And the last pic of the three of you... WOW! Good looking fam!


awwww, thats so cute! I was google-ing good places to get my ears pierced and i saw this! Looks like fun ;)