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Hanging Out

We’re still at the hospital, hanging out. Harriet is allowed to come home tonight after 7:33pm. She is a super-sleepy girl, and incredibly cute. Here are a few more pictures we took this morning.

  • jess - those are so precious. what a sweet girl…

  • Jan - That is a familiar face, yet unique. I can’t believe the hair!!!

  • Sarah - very, very cute. keep ’em coming!

  • Denise - photographers for parents–yeah!

  • Becky - BEAUTIFUL daughter! Great pictures

  • sheetal patel - such a cute little face!

  • Janna - those are precious pictures. have fun at your first night home!

  • Benjamin - Congratulations, Hendersons! We were wondering about when she was coming. We are glad everything went well. Simone has been thinking and praying for Rachel the last few days, without knowing she had gone into labor already.

    Simone and Benjamin

  • Carrie - I think I’m going to steal some of these pics and claim they are of my kids!!! (Just kidding Rachel). H is so gorgeous.

    I was also amazed to learn that Win is heavier than Ray, though he’s 6 mos younger! Wow. Now I REALLY respect Rachel’s arm strength.