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Here He Is

Baby #4 arrived this morning at 9:23am.  Baby and mom are doing great.  He’s a big guy: 9 pounds, 11 ounces, 21 inches long.


His name is Huck. Huckleberry Jared Henderson. We plan to call him Huck mostly.


We’ll have lots more pictures in a few hours.

  • Dan Lam - Congratulations Hendeson family!

  • Jan Henderson - Yippeeee

  • Benjamin Tennant - Yes! What a great looking baby and a great name! Are you familiar with that line from the movie, “Tombstone?” “I’m yur huckleberry.” He owns turn of phrase now.

  • Keren Alvarado - Congratulations!!!

  • Danielle Besteman-Ruder - Congratulations Henderson family!! :-)

  • Kristina Bordewyk - Congratulations!!

  • Julie Wyse - Congrats!!!! cute name!!!

  • Sarah Powell - Hooray! Can’t wait to meet sweet baby Huck!!

  • Krista Schaffer - I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!!

  • Cheri Tobey-Gibson - Aaaaaah, new life

  • Christy Pacanowski - Oh Rachel and Jared… You are so blessed. So excited for you!!!

  • Lindsay Post - Congrats, you guys!!!

  • Christen Conner Bordenkircher - Welcome to the world Huck! Your life is bound to be full of adventure! Congrats Henderson fam!!

  • Simone Schartow Tennant - Yes!YES! YES! Congrats Hendersons!! Great job, Rachel! I LOVE the name. Perfect.

  • FrankenStacey Artinian - Congratulations Henderson family and welcome to the world, Huck!

  • Lisa Koedyker - I love all the awesome names in your family! What an adorable little addition is Huck! Congratulations to you all & great job Rachel!

  • Jayna Mistry-Toprani - Congratulations!!!!

  • Judith Brown - Congratulations :)