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My baby is 2

We’ve been at the cabin for about a week, relaxing and celebrating Harriet’s 2nd birthday.  The weather wasn’t the best, kinda drizzly the whole time.  But it was a nice getaway anyway.  I really, really love that place.  Jared and I often comment to each other that we need to get internet service there, then we remember that that is one of the reasons that we like it so much.

I read a really great parenting book, NutureShock.  If you’re a kinda geeky parent it’s a must read.  We worked a lot of puzzles, napped, and played with the kids.  Harriet got another ice cream cake with dogs on it.  I think that we have a little tradition going.

  • Arin Heinz - I miss them soooo much! I hope you are doing well! Send my love!

  • Janna - I heard about the cake…have been waiting for pictures :) She’s so cute! It’s fun to see pictures from the cabin now that we’ve been there :)

  • Sarah - Happy belated birthday, Hattie! Looks like fun! :)

  • jess - she is so pretty. i love the hair.

  • Barb Zabel - Could almost taste the cake! Wasn’t it cold at the cabin?

  • Jan - Precious, can’t believe she is two.

  • Betsy King - Happy birthday!!!!

    What a great post. We are excited to read that book!!

  • Aunt Pru - Cute pictures! can’t believe she is 2……looking forward to seeing you all at Thanksgiving!