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optical illusions

The other morning I was carrying Harriet down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs I set her down and as I let go of her I could feel her little body tense up and freeze in fear.  Her body was stiff, her eyes were huge, and she didn’t dare move a muscle.  She was staring at the grey handle of Dale’s car seat which was sticking up above our couch.   About a second later her whole body relaxed and she looked up at me and said, “Mom, I thought that was a wolf’s elbow.”

When we were apple picking Harriet kept panicking and insisting the she was seeing a cow.  And that this cow wanted to eat her.  We explained that cows eat grass, not kids, to no avail.  We were at a u-pick orchard and the possibility of seeing a cow was much more likely than finding a wolf, too careless to conceal his elbow, hiding out in our living room.  So we were apt to believe her.  But we couldn’t ever see the cow.  So we made her very clearly lead us to the location of said cow.  When we were about 10 feet away she said, “Oh! it’s just a leaf.”

Now it’s a house joke to see something large an then say, “oh, it’s just a leaf” or randomly say, “I thought that was a wolf elbow.”

  • Betsy - Ha! oh to be able to be inside their brains for just five minutes. : )

  • Gina - SO funny!

  • jess - i’m not going to be able to stop thinking about that wolf elbow! how sweet and innocent.

  • Denise - She is so sweet! I love her way with words–Hattie has such a unique way of thinking.

  • Erin - I just read this yesterday and was laughing to myself while reading it. Then, this morning at breakfast I hear over Sean’s oatmeal: “A dolphin! A dolphin! [contemplative pause] Not a dolphin. Just a raisin.”

  • meg duerksen - i can’t breathe i am laughing so hard.
    tears running down my face….wolf’s elbow?!!
    i can picture it.
    all of it.
    that is the funniest thing i have read in a long time.