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Very Random Video

We hereby resolve to get back to posting more often!

  • Becky - Win, you’re getting so BIG!! I’m glad that you’re back to blogging, I’ve missed you!

  • grma dean - Yes, Win we have missed you so very much!! and we forgive you!
    You are such a big boy. . . walking so well with Mom. . .WOW!

  • jess - man, we’ve missed watching your life, win. don’t do that to us again!

  • juliebear - WIN, WOW WALKING=) super job buddy!!!!Happy Birthday little mister!

  • Jan - Been missing you on the blog. Great video, thanks.

  • Sarah - Yea! He’s back! We’ve missed you, too, Win!

  • Janna - we’ve been waiting for you :) glad to see you again.

  • Beth - Hi Win!
    You are soooo cute! Thanks for the great video and for keeping us informed! And have a great Birthday!
    You´re a real “Winner”!!