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We have one rule in our house that nobody seems to obey.

Rule number 1. Stop growing so fast!

My kids are growing way too fast.  Harriet turned three on Friday, now Dale’s birthday too!  She’d been requesting a tiger birthday cake.  The 3 of us worked together and came up with this.  I think it worked.  She was pretty happy with it.  On thursday evening we celebrated with My parents and the kids next door.  It was perfect.  I told Harriet that she could place the candles in her cake.  I like her choices.She was too overwhelmed to blow out her own candles.  So all of the kids helped.  She got the hang of it when it was a team effort.Happy Birthday Harriet!  I love you.  And think that you are the silliest 3-year-old that I know.

  • Jaimie Dee - Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Super cute caaaake!! Ah!!! I LOVE it! :) Very creative!

  • Denise - I love your create-a-cake tradition. Hattie and Win look so much alike these days, with the perfect combination of red and blonde hair.

  • Jan - I just can’t believe she is 3, love the cake!

  • Janna - Yay :) Happy birthday Hattie! We were thinking of you Friday and hope you had a special day :)