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We’ve been teaching Win some verses from the Bible lately.

He’s really good at remembering them.

  • jess - i can’t seem to play it?

  • christy - yeah,me either. i have to accept your friend request frist because its a private video…

  • Rachel Henderson - I THINK that it should work now. Try it.

  • michelle sidles - Delicious! By the way, which version is he quoting? I don’t quite recognize that particular phrasing! ;) Good job Win!

  • jess - aw, that was so good! what a great little memorizer.

  • Mrs Kool - This is so precious!!!!! My parents did this with my sister & I, and we have cassette tapes of us. Such a great memory!

  • Bonnie - That is such a treat to see and hear!! Thank you!!
    Awesome job Win!

  • Denise - no way!!!! can’t wait to see y’all :) that is awesome, awesome, awesome.

  • Christen Bordenkircher - This is just what I needed to hear tonight. Let Winn know ‘thanks’ for sharing God’s word!! =) Hope you guys are doing well…!

  • Steve Post - Wow, Win – that’s really good! You’ve got those DOWN! Next time, in the original Hebrew. ;) Rachel, was that shot with the 5D?

  • Rachel Henderson - Steve, it was! Isn’t is incredible. I’ll show you tonight.

  • christy - i dont know if i am more excited about win or the 5d. love them both!

  • Allison Whitaker - just came across this…that is so beautiful to hear a child repeat that verse.