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30 and 3

March 18, 2009   |   by Rachel

At the end of February Jared and Winfield celebrated their birthdays-30 and 3. We celebrated in March with a sushi party with a bunch of our friends. Jared and Win opened a couple of gifts. Guests arrived and enjoyed super-delicious sushi from The Wild Chef. They did a beautiful job creating tons of yummy rolls. Then we enjoyed board games and Henderson Chocolate Death Cake. [gallery size="full"] Super big thanks to Christy Pacanowski for these beautiful shots. We have the same camera set-up so I can just hand her my cam and she shoots. It's really nice!



ohmigosh i wanna be there right now. that looks sooooooo good.

Rachel Henderson2009-03-18

It WAS! We would have loved it if you and Jason could have left you 4 kids and driven 7 hours to come.

christy pacanowski2009-03-18

wow! you did a fab job with those pics! im quite sure they didnt come out of the camera that way :)


MMMMMMM! that looks so yummy and fun! Happy Birthday to you two!

michelle sidles2009-03-18

Ha! I was scrolling through the photos and thought "hmmm... I see Rachel in these pictures... I wonder if Jared is shooting?" Then you solved the mystery!! Nice shots Christy Pacanowski!! :) Looks like it was a great party. And lastly, Happy Birthdays to the fellas~ :)


Harriet has long hair! The sushi looks amazing!


That looks wonderful.

Lindsay Post2009-03-19

Look at that ginormous bowl of edamame! And the vegan sushi was amazing... the Hendersons rock!


Looks wonderful! Happy birthday to both! By the way, is that a a present from Apple I see there? ;-)

Rachel Henderson2009-03-20

Yup John, you see correctly. I bought Jared an extra laptop power supply for his 30th Birthday. Sexy huh?