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Have you ever heard the legend that the band on the Titanic...

May 18, 2010   |   by Rachel

... continued to play music as the boat went down.  Harriet has a version of the music and lyrics of the exact song that they were playing. Celine Dion, move over. A younger girl has taken your place as the Titanic vocalist to the world, and she's topless.

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So cute! :) She's got some little moves too. :)


I've played this video too many times to admit!

Bruce Henderson2010-06-06

Amazing! She's two going on 8. I think she'll probably graduate from Hope College by 2025. GG

Brandy Treguboff2010-06-11

This was so precious! I stumbled onto your blog this morning and this made me smile and think of my 3 boys tucked in their beds still. Thanks for taking the time to share this little gem!