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Put Acadia National Park on your bucket list

August 09, 2010   |   by Rachel

It was AH-Mazing!  Now I know why it tops so many lists for most beautiful national park.  Wow. A couple of weeks ago Jared and I took a "babymoon."  We dropped the kids off at my parents and flew to Maine.  We rented a convertible, stayed in a hotel on the water, hiked everyday and found a cute little restaurant each night.  We kept shaking our heads and saying how amazing the trip was.  Everything just fell together perfectly, even things that we couldn't plan like weather and bugs were perfect. This is what I mean by "hiking" in Acadia.   Hiking in Acadia is more like bouldering.  We went up and down several mountains each day, climbing, jumping and crawling.  Now were were picking trails with names like "Goat Cliffs Climb" and "Hanging Ledge Trail."  So maybe there was so more tame hiking available, but we didn't see much of it.  It was WAY too much fun.  The park is on Mount Desert Island which is filled with little 700-1500 foot mountains, beautiful lakes and amazing vistas. This was the view out our hotel.  not too bad. 2 nights after Barack and Michelle Obama visited this restaurant we also enjoyed a really nice dinner there.   The room with the door open just over Jared's right shoulder was ours.Our room is in the upper right of this photo.  This gives you a sense of  how close we were to the water. Dinner at Mache Bistro.  Delish!On the plane Jared finished up the book that he'd been reading......and started another one (Count of Monte Cristo). Acadia, was amazing.  We kept talking about how we want to return with the kids when their legs are longer.  It was nice to enjoy some time together just the 2 of us, but it's also really nice to be home with Win and Harriet.

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Looks like an incredible trip. Your "hiking" pictures make me nervous for you! :)

Bruce Henderson2010-08-09

Wow, what an awesome vacation!!! Boy do I wish I was there with you climbing on all those goat trails. Reminds me of the Mohawk Lakes trail in the Rockies or some of the trails we climbed together in Glacier National Park. I love all the pictures of you two on top of the rocks with grand vistas behind you. Thanks to Jared for wearing the Henderson Old school T shirt. I appears to me that Jared is getting thinner and Rachel is getting heavier (only temporarily of course):) Thanks for the fabulous slide show. You guys are awesome! Love, Dad

Annette Renee White2010-08-10

Wow! That looks like such an amazing adventure that I am going to add it to my Bucket List.


Looks like a great time My husband and I must check this out ourselves. Thanks for sharing!!!


I live in Maine and my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Acadia. It is a beautiful part of Maine. Next time you come you should stay in Portland for a few days.


I have been to Acadia several times, but this June was the first time we took our kids who are 6, 4, and 2. There are definitely great trails for little legs too. Our 2yr old even climbed the South Bubble (700ft or so) on her own. They got a little tired of hiking, but also loved kayaking on Long Pond, playing at Sand Beach, taking a carriage ride, and eating popovers a la mode.


good god woman, you are gorgeous! rock climbing while pregnant?!?! hello, inspiration! happy to have found your site, it's great!