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The most awesomest shoes

September 25, 2011   |   by Rachel

I like things.  Things that work.  Things that make my life easier.   I like my dishwasher because it cleans my dishes the first time.  I like my kids' shampoo because of how nice and smooth it makes their hair.  I don't like my coat because it doesn't do it all.  It's not perfect.  I have 4 coats for 4 different types of situations.  I wish that I had one coat that did it all.  So I thought that at times I'd blog about the awesomest things that I love.  I love other people's "favorite things" posts.  She I'm starting mine. Last summer I was on the hunt for some sandals for Harriet.  I wanted something cute, but Harriet's feet are really sensitive.  We've gotten rid of many shoes because she found them uncomfortable.  And I've nurtured many blisters and red spots on her feet from ill fitting shoes.  So last summer I ordered some of these Saltwater sandals.  They have been the best!  And they even lasted her through 2 summers.  They don't pinch, rub or chafe her skin.  They are super cute, fancy enough for dress up and cute for play.  And they are super durable.  She wears there into the water like they are river shoes.  She's warn them nearly every day for 2 summers.  She's hiked probably 50 miles in them (I'm not exaggerating).  And this is what they still look like!  So cute. Best kid sandals ever!

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Yeah, they make these for adults and they've been on my wishlist for a whiiiiiiiiile.

Beta McProphoto2012-03-14

This is a great picture. Thanks for posting it!

Benjamin Tennant2013-10-02

Where did you buy them?