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Welkom to Kinderplaats

May 03, 2008   |   by Rachel

If you didn't know Holland Michigan hosts a HUGE tulip festival every spring. It starts off with firewroks and ends with three parades. Something like 1 million visitors, average age of 72, come to look at our tulips and check out the Dutch Dancing. It's a lot of fun for the locals too. The whole community dresses in these amazingly unflattering dutch costumes and celebrates the warm weather and tulips by eating carnival food and walking around through the city's many parks.

Today was the day of Kinderplaats, which is Dutch for "everything that kids love," or something like that. They had about a dozen large trucks, a petting zoo, 20 blow-up jumping things, face painting, games, contests, thrills and costumed characters. I can't even begin to describe the scale of this event. It's huge.


Here are a couple of things that Win enjoyed.





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Kinderplaats basically means "kids place". Nothing more, nothing less :-) Coming from a true Dutch girl! Cheers and enjoy the tulips!


What a fun day, those trucks were perfect for Win!


Looks like loads of fun. I love it when festivals are in town :)


What a fun day! Fire engines, skate boards, ponys, BIG trucks, and, best of all, a giant slide. Who could ask for more??? I wish I was there with you.

Kinderplaats, round 2 | Rachel Henderson Photography Blog2009-05-08

[...] Last year Win had a blast at Kinderplaats and Harriet mostly watched.  This year she toddled around and was able to join him in the fun.  Each May Holland celebrates Tulip Time with a huge festival.  It kind of beats the Three Rivers Festival (sorry Fort Wayne) that I grew up with.  We live downtown and are right in the middle of the festivities.  It’s pretty cool.  Kinderplaats is this huge field that they fill with about a dozen inflatable bouncing toys (moon-walks and it’s cousins), a petting zoo, a honey bee exhibit, crafts, Old McDonald comedy routine, fire trucks, submarines,  ambulances, garbage trucks, you get the picture.  The kids had a blast. [...]