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2007-04-26He's a SHE!2007-09-16Almost There...2007-09-20Name Clue2007-09-20No Girl Yet2007-09-24A Little Progress2007-09-24Harriet Rachel2007-09-24More info...2007-09-24Here we go again2007-09-24Mission Control2007-09-24T-15 minutes2007-09-24Still Waiting2007-09-24The next step2007-09-25More Pictures2007-09-25First Kiss2007-09-26Hanging Out2007-09-27My Two Girls...2007-09-28More of the Little Girl2007-09-29The Site Meter2007-09-29Because you miss Win too2007-09-30Grandpa Goose & Grandma Jan2007-10-03Tummy Time2007-10-06Day Spas Aren't for Everyone2007-10-07Home from Church2007-10-08Not to Be Outdone2007-10-10Minivan of Strollers2007-10-11New Shirt2007-10-12Can you tell which teddy bear is really a baby?2007-10-13Connection2007-10-25Happy Birthday (a day late)2007-10-29Visit from Grandpa and Grandma2007-10-30Very Important Call2007-11-03Proof2007-11-05Our favorite place in the world2007-11-07And Again2007-11-08Just another Sunday Morning2007-11-14Lounging and Reading by the Fire2007-11-15New House, New Toys to Share2007-11-20Crib Buddies2007-11-26Win dislikes posed pictures more than I do.2007-11-28Sibling Rivalry2007-11-30Win's task2007-12-01Pictures2007-12-04Cribs: Episode 12007-12-06Hattie Hat2007-12-17Grandma and Grandgirl2007-12-19ATV2007-12-23Harriet2007-12-31Blogging and Christmas don't mix2008-01-05Harriet gets a little attention too.2008-01-10New Lens2008-01-11So Pretty!2008-01-12Mommy Daughter Shoot2008-01-14Mary2008-01-15Sharing2008-01-24Big Pictures2008-02-03Afternoon at the Community Pool2008-02-04BEAR MAULED BY BABY2008-02-06Fashionista2008-02-08Crab Pal2008-02-16Buddies2008-02-24Happy Birthday!2008-02-26Playin'2008-02-29Friends2008-03-16Pilates2008-03-25My boys like their bracelets2008-03-26Easter Morning2008-03-27Workout2008-04-02Rice Cereal2008-04-04It was too pretty of a day...2008-04-23Rea Mad!2008-04-24From Big-Hattie to Little-Hattie2008-04-26Fun at the Hendersons2008-04-29Magic Moment2008-05-03Welkom to Kinderplaats2008-05-05Jared and Harriet...2008-05-08Noon Sun2008-05-10Tan and Fit2008-05-13Mexican Jumping Baby2008-05-21To Charlotte and Back2008-06-02Hattie decided to take up smoking.2008-06-08Slow Blogging2008-06-10A Perfect Sunday Afternoon2008-06-11She just won't quit!2008-06-26I'm back!2008-06-27Standing2008-07-19A hot week2008-07-21Hattie growed up2008-08-14We're back2008-08-28The Mamarazzi2008-08-31Spaghetti Night is also Bath Night2008-09-07A Rare Sighting2008-09-08Every couple of months or so...2008-09-15Elle Woods as My Parenting Mentor (kind of)2008-10-18Bead Management2008-10-27Ikea's new product-HARRYTT2008-11-16The other side of Christy's lens2008-12-01Grand Theft Auto2008-12-08Why are you reading books in that box?2008-12-16More reading2009-01-09Not Harriet's best look2009-01-116 new teeth2009-01-16V4172009-01-23The perfect solution2009-01-27Further understanding of the Nativity2009-02-24It's good to be back home2009-02-25Somedays are hat days...2009-02-26...and other days are sock days.2009-02-27No, I did not have a model release to post this picture.2009-03-04Hattie of the Serengeti 2009-03-06Is is possible for her to get any cuter?2009-03-1830 and 32009-04-09Fashion is a kind of communication. It's a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself.2009-04-15Blinded by the light2009-04-24I Heart Holland2009-05-08Kinderplaats, round 22009-07-01A couple of pix I snapped of Harriet in our back yard2009-07-09You gotta hold on tight...2009-07-10It's a good thing cherry season is warm.2009-07-12Catching up2009-07-22so glad2009-07-26kids+iPods=makes me laugh2009-07-27When you get an idea...2009-07-29Ants Yog2009-08-09More cherries lives were lost...2009-08-14Hey Harriet...2009-08-16I love living in a vacation town2009-09-03Harriet's gettin' the scarves-in-the-summer trend2009-09-15Steel Trap2009-10-03Some sort neurotransmitter started firing dopamine into my system...2009-10-10I love it when Win and Harriet play together.2009-10-11Yesterday Harriet told me exactly what clothes to dress her in.2009-10-17Airplanes can be scary2009-10-18Amphibian Ethnic Cleansing2009-10-21Fall+Sunshine+Apples+Peanut Butter=:-)2009-10-23Meet Pretty Boy2009-10-27HRH2009-10-27Safe but hospitalized2009-11-07A last hurrah (probably) 2009-11-09Look quick! I had time to take about 7 pictures before...2009-11-16In the winter of 1997 I got myself into the seriously great situation...2009-12-08I've been cleaning my computer2009-12-22Aquatic Center2009-12-26Christmas with the Hendersons2010-01-04My helpers2010-01-08Watch your mailbox.2010-01-15To Arizona and Back2010-01-15Palm Tree Liker or Baby Carrie 2010-01-17The rest of the notes2010-01-22Snowshine2010-01-24Who DID that!?! WHO DID THAT!?!2010-01-27psychedelic coffee filter snowflakes2010-02-07Go Colts2010-02-27A couple more name ideas2010-03-16Mt Pisgah, Here comes Hattie!2010-03-172 weeks ago2010-03-18Cottage cheese, just like Ma makes it.2010-03-22Maple Syrup from Van Raalte Farms2010-03-29imagination2010-03-29When eating a bagel it can be really easy to...2010-04-04Happy Easter!2010-04-13Energy Crisis, SOLVED.2010-04-13I love these kinds of mornings2010-04-29We've been gardening2010-05-11Bambi seems to be the top choice on the list...2010-05-17Last Saturday...2010-05-18Have you ever heard the legend that the band on the Titanic...2010-05-21About 2 months before Win's birthday...2010-08-05Helpers2010-08-05Some days are popsicle days2010-08-06We flew to Maine and back, then we bought lobsters at Meijer2010-08-09But...2010-08-11Context2010-08-13It's a tough life...2010-08-13Photo tip: Cleanliness is next to...2010-08-18Frozen smoothie pops...2010-08-19If I need to keep a Harriet occupied while I prep dinner...2010-08-23Bath2010-08-23While we were soaking up beautiful Maine...2010-08-28Stickers2010-09-14Roughing it.2010-09-15B is for...2010-09-15Yes, they have a mom2010-09-17Baby on the way2010-09-26She's cute!2010-09-27We have one rule in our house that nobody seems to obey.2010-10-04Grandparents2010-10-11First hiking trip as a family of 52010-10-20Battle Tactics (this time it involves just the right vinegar)2010-10-23Watch Out ArtPrize 20112010-10-241 Month!2010-10-29Cranes Again2010-10-31Happy Halloween2010-11-01Stunning October2010-11-04Officially Three2010-11-14Last night Jared dressed Harriet for bed while I was feeding Dale.2010-11-22optical illusions2010-11-30We've been very much enjoying this super warm fall.2010-12-10Christmas Lists2010-12-15Thank you China...2010-12-20Sky Lanterns2010-12-24Merry Christmas Eve2010-12-26Christmas Day 20112011-01-06If you enjoyed Harriet's famous song...2011-01-07Would anyone like to come over and have some walnut brownies?2011-01-24Overheard at breakfast2011-01-25In the event...2011-01-26quotable Harriet2011-02-05In the van today2011-02-08Hattie N Dale2011-02-09$2011-02-15For those of you who were living in a cave on Groundhog's day...2011-02-15I love her concentration 2011-02-18Yesterday we spent the day at...2011-02-27Where we've been2011-03-20Patiently waiting...2011-03-22Mornings...2011-03-24At times...2011-03-25Nope. Harriet is not quite ready to babysit.2011-04-08Cuz you can never post about beets too many times2011-04-14I'm a big fan of the benefits of Vitamin D2011-05-05You can't spell funeral without...2011-05-12I order a lot of stuff online...a lot2011-05-13Tulip Time!2011-05-14Favorite day of the year!2011-05-16Why wouldn't you want to play in the Linde's backyard?2011-05-26Evening trip to the sun2011-06-02Open wide for the dental hygentist [sic]2011-06-03Jared rigged up a pretty sweet train2011-06-06We've had a couple of Jedi fighters about our house lately2011-06-11They have earned their rewards...2011-06-16If you can't tell...2011-07-04The other day we2011-07-04This is Harriet2011-07-04We live in an old home...2011-07-05And another...2011-07-07We had the most fabulous 4th of July with the kids this year2011-07-10Winfield the Weekend Warrior2011-07-19hot and hazy, perfect beach weather2011-07-20Last week2011-07-25Harriet multitasking2011-07-25I officially have a cool blog2011-07-28Yes, she reads2011-08-02The party started like this.2011-08-05Underwater cameras are really fun.2011-08-07The kids have been asking to go back to2011-08-23Our next door neighbors gave us a swing set...2011-09-08My parents' visit2011-09-10Our neighbors built the uber-coolest backyard tree fort/swing set/jungle gym thingy in their backyard.2011-09-12We have some little goal charts on the fridge for the kids. 2011-09-13As requested2011-09-19Favorite pastime 2011-09-20It was time to get Harriet a camelbak.2011-09-21Our kids like junk mail.2011-09-24My Birthday Twins2011-09-25The most awesomest shoes 2011-10-09This is the kind of stuff that you have to do on the weekends...2011-10-18Mom, I hate everything that isn't...2011-10-28A couple of weeks ago it was unseasonably warm2011-10-29Zoo trip this summer2011-11-14The Cabin2011-12-06Dale in giant shoes2011-12-07Warm night in early winter2011-12-26Merry Christmas!2012-01-06We like to keep Christmas small2012-01-21Feeeee-asco2012-02-09Arizona2012-02-19Hattie, could I trade you 2 sheep for one wheat?2012-02-20We've grown2012-02-27THE Cabin2012-03-30Can a Piranha eat a shark?2012-04-05Our Padme2012-04-06Coloring2012-04-10This winter2012-04-16Hummus—delicious AND great for sculptures2012-04-17I love this picture2012-04-18I hope I've curried enough favor with my father-in-law...2012-05-28Harriet has been auditioning...2012-06-02Operation "Freaking Awesome Backyard" is starting to take shape2012-06-15Our wordsmith2012-06-17Happy Father's Day Jared2012-07-24Some things are too cool not to photograph with your phone2012-08-04Last month2012-09-19Dale's first Trip to the Zoo2012-09-202 kids with fevers2012-09-22Backyard transformation in affect2012-09-23Last day as a 4 and 1 year old.2012-09-23Rocks minerals and gems have been hot topic around here.2012-09-25This is the kind of work that we get done around here.2012-10-05Dress Rehearsal2012-10-07We Have a Pet*!!!2012-10-20Favorites2013-02-02A couple of weekends ago we spent some time at The Cabin2013-02-02Happy (Belated) Birthday Dale and Harriet2013-02-03New Roller Pink Skates2013-02-06It was a pretty november day2013-02-11A quick trip to see Grandma and Bah2013-03-05This is how we do it.2013-03-10Johnny or Alyssa2013-03-27Titanic Exhibit and Trillium Haven2013-04-21It's been a while2013-06-08You never know...2013-06-12Silly Sisters2013-06-12Summertime...2013-06-24We have news!2013-06-24Harriet's last day of kindergarten2013-07-13Life is like...2013-07-16We love The Cabin2013-07-17This Spring Harriet Played Soccer2013-11-20Changes2013-12-01Invaluable2014-01-21It must be winter2014-01-29You know how people say that when women live together they start to...2014-01-31Worlds "easiest" play dough2014-02-08Mexican train2014-04-19Harriet's snowman2014-04-19If you're tired of playing Candyland2014-04-19I'm too excited to wait2014-04-19Why Unschooling intrigues me2014-04-20After 30 odd years these Easter dresses have new owners2014-04-21Easter2014-08-20And They're off2014-08-21So far so good2014-08-22Another Epic Acadia Day2014-08-25Week at the cabin2014-09-03First Day of School2014-10-03She's very proud of her new look2014-12-25Merry Christmas (never skip leg day)2015-04-05Easter got really fun2015-04-08Laundry Time!2015-04-17Be still my heart2015-04-19Contrast painting2015-04-22Auto Detailing Business2015-04-24How to draw an elf owl2015-04-26We like to dressing beautiful Daughters in matching pajamas