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2005-12-26Baby's First Marathon2006-01-08A Sneak Peek2006-02-11Big Belly2006-02-28Getting ready for his big day2006-03-01Happy Birthday Win2006-03-01How should I spell my nickname?2006-03-04Serious Thoughts2006-03-05Yesterday's Laundry2006-03-06I Hate Baths2006-03-07In My Crib2006-03-08Hello to my internet fans2006-03-09Let's call him Win2006-03-10Pretty Nice Feet2006-03-11Win's First Stroll2006-03-14Grandma Dean2006-03-14Now We Can Dunk Him2006-03-16Traveling2006-03-18A Bad Habit2006-03-20Burp2006-03-21Off the Charts!2006-03-22No More Tummy Time2006-03-23It took fifteen minutes...2006-03-25Hungry?2006-03-26Like Father, Like Son2006-03-28Who said birthday?2006-03-31Win's Crazy Head2006-04-03Yawn2006-04-04Playtime2006-04-06Ladies Man2006-04-07Great! Great Aunt2006-04-09Sleeping Like a Baby2006-04-12Turtle Time2006-04-14Classic Win2006-04-16Beautiful Baby2006-04-18Growing2006-04-20Road Trip2006-04-23Grandpa Dean2006-04-24Infant Torture2006-04-25Watch out Ralph Macchio2006-04-27Something is blooming in Holland2006-04-30Day at the Beach2006-05-02A Rough Night2006-05-03Cousin Luke2006-05-04Looking Around2006-05-06Tulip Time2006-05-10Up Close and Personal2006-05-12The Bumbo chair2006-05-13Talking2006-05-15Dedication2006-05-15Win would like to say a few words:2006-05-18Dirty Laundry2006-05-19Classic Henderson Male Pose, pt. 22006-05-22A Visit from Ohio2006-05-29Swimming2006-05-31Trip to BH2006-06-01I'm talking to the man in the mirror2006-06-02Great-Grandma Hetzler2006-06-03A Grassy Experience2006-06-06Edgy "My Profile" Photo2006-06-09Crab Pal2006-06-11Duct Tape is Not an Effective Swaddle2006-06-12Spring Cleaning2006-06-13Noelen and Win2006-06-17Vacation2006-06-18Two Men, Two Giraffes2006-06-23Alone in the yard2006-06-24Baseball2006-06-26A Fancy Dinner2006-07-03Win and Esther2006-07-04Playing2006-07-06Different Skills2006-07-06He does wear clothes2006-07-08Nim and Natasha's Wedding2006-07-16Missing Daddy2006-07-29Church Picnic2006-07-30New Tricks Everyday2006-08-01Adventures2006-08-03Solid Food2006-08-04Winsome2006-08-07Bathtub Sailing2006-08-08He's Timeless2006-08-09Almost Crawling2006-08-12A Big Week for a Little Man2006-08-13Chomping2006-08-16Amazing Biceps2006-08-21Foot 'n Mouth2006-08-22Daddy2006-08-22First Cousins Once Removed2006-08-24Win Meets Friends2006-08-26In his office2006-08-27Cruisin'2006-08-28Happy Birthday2006-08-30Lessons2006-08-31Boys will be boys2006-09-06Labor Day Weekend2006-09-06Little Boy, Big Truck2006-09-12Hunting2006-09-13Large Mouth Baby2006-09-14Twoofers2006-09-18Places to Go2006-09-20WIN dow2006-09-23Father and Son2006-09-25Happy Birthday Aunt Johanna2006-09-28Happy Birthday2006-10-01Chomper2006-10-02New Tricks Everyday2006-10-04Corners2006-10-08Stuck Again2006-10-09California2006-10-10Playing2006-10-12Welcome to Michigan2006-10-16Snoozing2006-10-17Tiles and Tribulations2006-10-18Toy Box2006-10-19Handheld Toys2006-10-21The Process of Standing2006-10-22Baby Learns to Count at the Farm2006-10-24Proud2006-10-25Go Tigers2006-10-31Happy Halloween2006-11-02Some days are better than others2006-11-03Cruising2006-11-04View from the neighbor's2006-11-05Sometimes, when things are really important to you, you have to take risks.2006-11-07Civic Responsibility2006-11-09Mr. Brown2006-11-09Fall Chores2006-11-13Laughing with Melissa2006-11-18A Sad Loss2006-11-21A Peaceful Place2006-11-23Thanksgiving Dinner2006-11-24Christmas Decorations2006-11-25Sitting2006-12-01A Little Behind2006-12-03Protest2006-12-04New Parents Have Big Ideas2006-12-06A Few Things in Common2006-12-07Things to Do2006-12-10Who Needs a Pediatrician?2006-12-16First Cookie Party for Win2006-12-17Mugging for the Camera2006-12-18Hobbies2006-12-21Clothes2006-12-22Playing2006-12-23Randall Claus2006-12-24Merry Christmas!2006-12-25Christmas2006-12-27Nothing to Do2006-12-28Ten Months2006-12-28Touch2007-01-03Christmas Celebration at the Dean's2007-01-08Getting into trouble, and baskets2007-01-08Happy Baby2007-01-12Duckface2007-01-12More Laundry2007-01-16Learing to read2007-01-18iTunes2007-01-18This One's for Bruce2007-01-19Bath Time2007-01-24Daily Visits From Randall2007-01-27I Just Find This Funny2007-01-28Dimnet Chapel2007-01-30One Hundred and One2007-01-31It's Time for a Party!2007-02-01what IS that?2007-02-04No More Toys2007-02-06Permission2007-02-07Winfield and Friends2007-02-10Visit from the Grandfolks2007-02-11A few more shots...2007-02-15Big Toys Fight Back2007-02-15Some serious work going on2007-02-25Very Random Video2007-02-27Happy Birthday2007-03-01Jared Gave Win a Birthday Present2007-03-02Regular Things2007-03-03Party Time!2007-03-05Proof2007-03-07Someone Takes After His Dad2007-03-08Those Poor Children2007-03-11Welcome to My Party2007-03-13Cousins, Cousins, Cousins2007-03-15Growing Up FAST!2007-03-18Favorite Activity2007-03-20A Funny Moment2007-03-22Beacuse parenting really IS a competition2007-03-24Some Assembly Required2007-03-25Fun-guy2007-03-26Clean on the Inside2007-03-28Time in the Library2007-03-30One of Those Days2007-04-01Jammies2007-04-02Sorting2007-04-05Little Friends2007-04-06No Dummy2007-04-11Beach Babe2007-04-15Relaxing and Reading at The Cabin2007-04-18Ole Blue Eyes2007-04-19Someone Grew 3/4 Inch in 4 Weeks2007-04-21Why we love Holland2007-04-25No No2007-04-27Devilish Smile2007-04-30Biker Babe2007-05-01I See a Future in the Spa Industry2007-05-02Because Luke did it2007-05-06He's Got the Who-ole World in His Mouth2007-05-12Nice Shorts!2007-05-14How Much is that Doggie in the Window?2007-05-16Caption Necessary?2007-05-18Olympic Ambitions2007-05-20Helping Out2007-05-24Park Day, New Camera2007-05-26Night at the Roberts'2007-05-28Happy Memorial Day2007-05-30Kicking Back with a Book2007-06-03DuBose Website Pics2007-06-06Reading Up2007-06-07Reading Can Be Dangerous2007-06-09Puppy Love2007-06-1312 Stitches2007-06-14Retired2007-06-19Another reason that we love Holland2007-06-20WIn's Second Word2007-06-21Stuntman2007-06-24Look Closely2007-06-26Too Quiet2007-06-26A quick answer2007-06-27A peek into the our future2007-06-29Missing2007-07-04Our little Fruithead2007-07-04To Each His Own2007-07-09Cousin Chloe2007-07-10Skills2007-07-11A Rare Site2007-07-12Tigers Baseball2007-07-13Those Tips that I'd Promised2007-07-18More Skills2007-07-19New Experiences for Our Little Muppet2007-07-23Beach Bum2007-07-24King of the Hallway2007-07-25Kindschi Klan2007-07-261st, 2nd and even 3rd Cousins2007-07-26Fine Dining2007-07-26Win and Suzanne2007-07-30Church Picnic (T-shirt for Kiran and Sheetal)2007-07-31A Little Out of Order2007-08-05Family Picture2007-08-08Day at the Lake2007-08-11Lessons2007-08-13The Gang's All Here2007-08-16New Skills-Always2007-08-18More Park Pictures2007-08-20Thank You Aaron2007-08-21Gift from Jamie, Sarah, Jordan and Stella2007-08-22Video Time2007-08-29Grandpa Dean2007-09-06Chatting2007-09-07More Winfield, Please.2007-09-11I just figures out Win's clues, I just figured out Win's clues.2007-09-11Our Little Boy Is Getting Big2007-09-16Almost There...2007-09-17The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me.2007-09-18Ball! Ball! Ball!2007-09-19Introducing...2007-09-20Name Clue2007-09-20No Girl Yet2007-09-21Pilates Challenge2007-09-22A Blue Sky, Lots of Friends, and Even More Pesticides2007-09-25First Kiss2007-09-29Because you miss Win too2007-10-05Dinosaurs Rule2007-10-07Home from Church2007-10-08Last November2007-10-10Minivan of Strollers2007-10-11When a Toddler Lives with You2007-10-15Randall is 332007-10-16The Mullet is Out2007-10-17Winfield Vinatieri2007-10-19Sport2007-10-20Halloween Costume2007-10-21Parents just don't understand.2007-10-22Talking...a lot2007-10-24Neat Truck2007-10-25Happy Birthday (a day late)2007-10-26A cold one2007-10-26A Junior Firefighter in His Truck2007-10-29Visit from Grandpa and Grandma2007-10-30Very Important Call2007-11-05Our favorite place in the world2007-11-06Bunny Nose2007-11-08Just another Sunday Morning2007-11-10Stickers2007-11-14Lounging and Reading by the Fire2007-11-15New House, New Toys to Share2007-11-16Frappa and Onna2007-11-18Toys2007-11-202007-11-20A place to read2007-11-20Crib Buddies2007-11-20Going Places2007-11-26Win dislikes posed pictures more than I do.2007-11-28Sibling Rivalry2007-11-29Project Runway2007-11-30Win's task2007-12-01Pictures2007-12-02Photography Tip: inspired by a walk down eBay Lane2007-12-04Cribs: Episode 12007-12-06Trust No One!2007-12-07Earning His Keep2007-12-08Friend Lute2007-12-10Win2007-12-12BAA! is Win's name for Grandpa Dean2007-12-18Don't you hate it when you get a rock in your boot?2007-12-19ATV2007-12-20Why Winfield has such a hard time falling asleep during his naptime.2007-12-25Adventures2008-01-01Things to do over Christmas2008-01-02Both of Win's Grandpas Are Train Engineers2008-01-07The Snowy Day2008-01-08Snowy Day part 22008-01-13Kicking Back with Some Christmas Reading2008-01-15Sharing2008-01-16Sometimes Things Get a Little Messy2008-01-17Anybody else have a favorite letter?2008-01-183 times a day2008-01-20And More Reading2008-01-241, 2, 3, 6, 10, 52008-01-263, 2, 1, KNIT!2008-01-28O Shirt2008-01-29Snowy Saturday with Dad2008-02-01Reading Over Win's Shoulder2008-02-02I heard something from the kitchen2008-02-03Afternoon at the Community Pool2008-02-07Gotta Count Somethin'2008-02-09WARNING! low quality images ahead2008-02-12Woo22008-02-13Big Boy Bed2008-02-14Round 3!2008-02-15Round 42008-02-16Buddies2008-02-18Round 42008-02-19Help! It's winter and all that I have a is a point and shoot.2008-02-19Liiiiiibrary2008-02-21Round 5!2008-02-22Power of B&W2008-02-27How old are you?2008-02-28TWO!2008-02-29Friends2008-03-05WARNING! Shameless bragging ahead2008-03-06Shameless bragging continued2008-03-07Win the Builder2008-03-09Saturday...a day for fun, presents and new 'puters2008-03-113 unrelated thoughts2008-03-11Good Book and Good Story2008-03-12Babel2008-03-23so much2008-03-25My boys like their bracelets2008-03-26Easter Morning2008-03-27Whoohoo!2008-03-28Harriet the Conductor and Win the Engineer2008-04-04It was too pretty of a day...2008-04-07The Other Side of the Camera2008-04-10I have a couple of skills that I don't mind bragging about.2008-04-14A good day to be 22008-04-17Water Daily for Optimum Growth ~ Turn Down the Sharpening Photography Tip2008-04-19Not Quite Ready for His License 2008-04-21Never underestimate the power of the sun2008-04-23Rea Mad!2008-04-29Magic Moment2008-05-02Biker Boy2008-05-03Welkom to Kinderplaats2008-05-10Tan and Fit2008-05-13Mexican Jumping Baby2008-05-21To Charlotte and Back2008-05-23Winfield Workout2008-05-24Professional Trim2008-05-27Some ideas are good ones. Others are not.2008-06-10A Perfect Sunday Afternoon2008-06-12A Tribute...2008-06-17Somedays were meant to be spent with a swim diaper on your head.2008-06-18A Sneak Peek2008-07-03Henderson Life in 3 Acts2008-07-04His middle name IS Benjamin2008-07-08From my pre-broken camera days2008-07-15Winfield's been working on a project.2008-07-19A hot week2008-07-23Anybody need anything measured?2008-07-25An eye for color2008-07-26Color Me Winfield2008-07-29Better late than never2008-08-14We're back2008-08-15Inspiration2008-08-19Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Sarah Powell2008-08-21The other day Win insisted that his bear had to go to the bathroom.2008-08-29Like Mother, Like Child2008-09-02Hanging with Johanna2008-09-04Toddler Combover2008-09-07A Rare Sighting2008-09-08Every couple of months or so...2008-09-13Helpin' Out2008-09-24At the cabin2008-10-07We're alive2008-10-08Accessorizing 2008-10-12Somedays...2008-10-23For the sake of fashion2008-10-27Ikea's new product-HARRYTT2008-11-06In October of 1997...2008-11-07Leave a little to the imagination--Simple Photo Tip2008-11-10Some pictures just explain themselves2008-11-12Playing with the light2008-11-13Why would I need one of the those stand mixers...2008-11-22Our new Hybrid2008-12-03Sombody was starting to look a little too much like Timothy Treadwell.2008-12-08Why are you reading books in that box?2008-12-14A little late2008-12-16More reading2008-12-18A rude awakening2009-01-01Past the Christmas Rush2009-01-10Some call him 4 eyes2009-01-116 new teeth2009-01-13Henderson Cappuccino 2009-01-16V4172009-01-21Our new Chayus2009-01-27Further understanding of the Nativity2009-02-24Actually...2009-02-24It's good to be back home2009-02-25Somedays are hat days...2009-02-26...and other days are sock days.2009-02-28Someone's 32009-03-02NO CAMERAS PLEASE. This is a work in progress.2009-03-04Someone's expecting2009-03-081. Grab a pile of muddy spring leaves.2009-03-09On Saturday we had a Birthday party for Jared and Win2009-03-11Winfield asked me if he could taste the dry oatmeal.2009-03-1830 and 32009-03-19Boy+Hat=Springtime2009-03-22Cooking with Win2009-03-24We've been teaching Win some verses from the Bible lately.2009-03-29The coolness MUST be stopped.2009-03-30Sometimes we feel like Winfield is a velociraptor2009-03-31A Visit from Denise2009-04-15Blinded by the light2009-04-24I Heart Holland2009-04-25Man! That bovine growth hormone has really hastened puberty for Win.2009-05-08Kinderplaats, round 22009-05-16Our Cutie2009-05-17Skuutbike2009-06-113 weeks later and a new hard drive 2009-06-30Parking Garage2009-07-09You gotta hold on tight...2009-07-10It's a good thing cherry season is warm.2009-07-26kids+iPods=makes me laugh2009-07-26one piece at a time2009-07-27When you get an idea...2009-07-27Why Win likes to cook2009-07-29Train Engineer 2009-07-31I get by with a little help from my kids2009-08-03Cars do.2009-08-03I'm a grandma!2009-08-05Jack, we have your clothes and we've put them to good use.2009-08-14Hey Harriet...2009-08-16Holland Summers2009-08-16I love living in a vacation town2009-08-23Autonomy+Youth=Creativity2009-08-23Why?2009-09-01Family Jam Night2009-09-14Lego Request2009-09-15Steel Trap2009-09-20I had an epiphery. Life is precious. And if I die I want my son to know the dealio. The dealio of life.2009-09-30ahhhhh...The Cabin2009-10-05Sometimes as parents...2009-10-10I love it when Win and Harriet play together.2009-10-13I guess that Win too has some fashion opinions2009-10-17Airplanes can be scary2009-10-21Fall+Sunshine+Apples+Peanut Butter=:-)2009-10-22Win's criteria for a wife2009-10-23Meet Pretty Boy2009-11-02LOW-sagna 2009-11-05Can I have some parasite?2009-11-07A last hurrah (probably) 2009-11-09Look quick! I had time to take about 7 pictures before...2009-11-11We have a pet!2009-11-13The many uses of skivvies 2009-12-02Let It Snow2009-12-08I've been cleaning my computer2009-12-08Winfield's been working puzzles like a maniac.2009-12-18This morning Winfield asked me,2009-12-22Aquatic Center2009-12-26Christmas with the Hendersons2010-01-04My helpers2010-01-05Winfield's been saying that he'd like to be a fireman.2010-01-08Watch your mailbox.2010-01-15To Arizona and Back2010-01-15Palm Tree Liker or Baby Carrie 2010-01-17The rest of the notes2010-01-21If you have a balled up sweater...2010-01-22Snowshine2010-01-25When I grow up I want to be a musician.2010-01-27psychedelic coffee filter snowflakes2010-01-29Win's been spending a lot of time playing the mandolin.2010-02-05Win was quizzing me about why God didn't make dragons.2010-02-07Go Colts2010-02-27A couple more name ideas2010-03-02A week of parties2010-03-18Cottage cheese, just like Ma makes it.2010-03-20200 Pieces!!!!2010-03-22Maple Syrup from Van Raalte Farms2010-04-04Happy Easter!2010-04-13Energy Crisis, SOLVED.2010-04-13I love these kinds of mornings2010-04-29S.W.A.T.2010-05-06Okay, how is it done? I sort, I bleach, I soak. What more can I do?2010-05-07Too much!2010-05-11Bambi seems to be the top choice on the list...2010-05-21About 2 months before Win's birthday...2010-06-08They all say that you should read to your kids when they are young.2010-06-15Because you know that toilet time=Titanic time2010-08-05Helpers2010-08-05Some days are popsicle days2010-08-05Where I've been2010-08-06My Chimpanzee 2010-08-06We flew to Maine and back, then we bought lobsters at Meijer2010-08-13It's a tough life...2010-08-23Bath2010-08-23While we were soaking up beautiful Maine...2010-09-06It's hard to believe how big he's grown.2010-09-14Roughing it.2010-09-15Big spender2010-09-15Yes, they have a mom2010-09-17Baby on the way2010-09-24Getting close now2010-09-26She's cute!2010-09-27Meanwhile, in Fort Wayne2010-10-04Another good night2010-10-04Grandparents2010-10-05Win takes good care of Dale.2010-10-11First hiking trip as a family of 52010-10-13Winfield has been reading to Dale a lot lately2010-10-20Battle Tactics (this time it involves just the right vinegar)2010-10-23Watch Out ArtPrize 20112010-10-241 Month!2010-10-29Cranes Again2010-10-29I asked Win what he wanted to do.2010-10-31Happy Halloween2010-11-01Stunning October2010-11-05multi tasking2010-11-29The house smells so nice with a Christmas tree up.2010-12-10Christmas Lists2010-12-15Thank you China...2010-12-15Win's Napkin Map2010-12-20Sky Lanterns2010-12-20Efficiency 2010-12-24Merry Christmas Eve2010-12-26Christmas Day 20112010-12-26I really like long, very hot showers.2011-01-24Overheard at breakfast2011-02-01Every once in a while...2011-02-05In the van today2011-02-09$2011-02-15For those of you who were living in a cave on Groundhog's day...2011-02-18Yesterday we spent the day at...2011-02-19The apple doesn't fall far either tree/And one blog disclaimer2011-02-25Cartographer2011-02-27Where we've been2011-02-28Growing up too fast2011-03-01Celebrate good times2011-03-22Mornings...2011-04-08How to play with your new baby sister2011-04-12This morning I gave in...2011-04-14before doing ANYTHING, read the book2011-04-14I'm a big fan of the benefits of Vitamin D2011-05-05You can't spell funeral without...2011-05-12I order a lot of stuff online...a lot2011-05-13Tulip Time!2011-05-14Favorite day of the year!2011-05-15Carrots help your vision...2011-05-16Why wouldn't you want to play in the Linde's backyard?2011-05-25Win's new skill!2011-05-26Evening trip to the sun2011-06-02Open wide for the dental hygentist [sic]2011-06-03Jared rigged up a pretty sweet train2011-06-04What could be better...2011-06-06We've had a couple of Jedi fighters about our house lately2011-06-11They have earned their rewards...2011-06-16If you can't tell...2011-07-07We had the most fabulous 4th of July with the kids this year2011-07-07Where we've been and what we've been doing.2011-07-10Winfield the Weekend Warrior2011-07-19hot and hazy, perfect beach weather2011-07-20Last week2011-07-25I officially have a cool blog2011-07-30We got a new camera2011-08-01First to go2011-08-02No maternity test necessary2011-08-02The party started like this.2011-08-02Today Winfield told me...2011-08-05Underwater cameras are really fun.2011-08-07The kids have been asking to go back to2011-08-11Win's been the master of the self portrait lately2011-08-23Each night before bed Jared has been...2011-08-23Our next door neighbors gave us a swing set...2011-08-29Not cut out for piracy2011-09-05Win's letter to his teacher2011-09-06And here he is2011-09-06First First First2011-09-07Happy Birthday to me!2011-09-08My parents' visit2011-09-10Our neighbors built the uber-coolest backyard tree fort/swing set/jungle gym thingy in their backyard.2011-09-11I love watching Winfield take pictures2011-09-18Win had the point and shoot in Meijer with him2011-09-19Favorite pastime 2011-10-03Matching2011-10-09This is the kind of stuff that you have to do on the weekends...2011-10-11Win had to take a field trip to get his school pictures.2011-10-18Mom, I hate everything that isn't...2011-10-28A couple of weeks ago it was unseasonably warm2011-10-29Zoo trip this summer2011-11-03The other morning Win said to me...2011-11-14The Cabin2011-12-07Warm night in early winter2011-12-08First Christmas program2011-12-26Merry Christmas!2012-01-04The apple doesn't fall far from the tree2012-01-06We like to keep Christmas small2012-01-14Superstar2012-01-21Feeeee-asco2012-02-09Arizona2012-02-09Reason #1054 why the Lindes are awesome neighbors2012-02-1149 shots2012-02-19Hattie, could I trade you 2 sheep for one wheat?2012-02-27THE Cabin2012-03-22Coolness is just something that you're born with...2012-03-30Can a Piranha eat a shark?2012-03-30Same kid, different...2012-04-08Last month2012-04-10This winter2012-04-11The coolness2012-04-12Never blogged Win's birthday2012-04-16Hummus—delicious AND great for sculptures2012-05-28Since you put it that way2012-06-02Operation "Freaking Awesome Backyard" is starting to take shape2012-06-17Happy Father's Day Jared2012-06-18Exit Interview2012-07-24We found this on the porch amidst some Legos.2012-08-03What Olympic Divers Really Look Like2012-08-04Last month2012-09-19Dale's first Trip to the Zoo2012-09-202 kids with fevers2012-09-21Time for Scool!2012-09-22Backyard transformation in affect2012-09-23It was a misty morning2012-09-23Rocks minerals and gems have been hot topic around here.2012-09-25This is the kind of work that we get done around here.2012-09-27Winfield Sharma2012-10-05Dress Rehearsal2012-10-06Jared and I often wonder what our kids are going to think of our parenting2012-10-06This morning I asked Win where he would want to go...2012-10-07We Have a Pet*!!!2012-10-20Raising kids on a vegan diet is occasionally hilarious2013-01-31Much to his grandmother's delight Winfield's been playing for the Redwings 2013-02-02A couple of weekends ago we spent some time at The Cabin2013-02-05For Christmas2013-02-06It was a pretty november day2013-02-11A quick trip to see Grandma and Bah2013-03-05This is how we do it.2013-03-06Birthday number 2 for the month2013-03-10Johnny or Alyssa2013-03-27Titanic Exhibit and Trillium Haven2013-04-05Harriet's bank statement2013-04-21It's been a while2013-05-30Carwash! Today Only!2013-06-07Some things are just awesome2013-06-08You never know...2013-06-09Operation Awesome-Backyard takes another step ahead2013-06-12Summertime...2013-06-24We have news!2013-07-13Life is like...2013-07-15Win is the kind of brother who...2013-07-16We love The Cabin2013-08-06You know that a 7 year old lives in your house when...2013-11-20Changes2013-12-01Invaluable2013-12-11School Assignment2014-01-06The only appropriate book to read today2014-01-11This dagger wielding ninja...2014-01-21It must be winter2014-01-31Worlds "easiest" play dough2014-02-07Their Debut 2014-02-08Mexican train2014-03-20IF you know Multiclaplation2014-03-21Win's Valentine2014-03-22Happy Birthday Win2014-04-19If you're tired of playing Candyland2014-04-19Piano Practicing 2014-04-21Easter2014-07-30The gallery2014-08-20And They're off2014-08-21So far so good2014-08-22Another Epic Acadia Day2014-08-25Week at the cabin2014-09-03First Day of School2014-12-25Merry Christmas (never skip leg day)2015-04-05Easter got really fun2015-04-08Laundry Time!2015-04-17All the cool kids are doing it.2015-04-19Contrast painting2015-04-22Auto Detailing Business